Are you enjoying Goodnight Mr Tom?

Date: 11th Jan 2016 @ 6:43pm

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Tanisha wrote:

I am enjoying Goodnight Mr Tom and I like the lessons that we are doing on it.

Mrs Wright wrote:

that's really nice to hear Tanisha, I'm enjoying it too

Tanisha wrote:

I wonder what the next half of the film is going to be I really want to read the book

Tanisha wrote:

Thank you for writing back Mrs Wright

Claudia wrote:

I love goodnight mr Tom the best movie ever also you the best teacher to you have good taste :)

leah wrote:

this fillm is cool but sad

Claudia wrote:

I wish that one day we can do a real air raid but with no fire just to see how it was like 🤓

Tanisha wrote:

Yes that would be cool

Claudia wrote:

I know I do come up with good ideas

Tanisha wrote:

You do come up with good ideas

Claudia wrote:

Hi to the greatest class I love my class I think it is so so so Alsome and no one could get a better funny,amazing,wonderful and hard working class than all of ash . This was for all of the people in ash class cause your all amazing to me .🤓

Claudia wrote:

And this is to the teacher is the class you all work so hard for all of us some children don't see that but i do all the time .

rhys jones wrote:

I loved it its the best movie ive ever watched I want to watch it more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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