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Date: 19th Aug 2015 @ 8:37am

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Claudia wrote:

How is everyone

Claudia wrote:

Hey. 😀😄😊😌🤓🤗😎

Mia wrote:

Hi Claud

Claudia wrote:

Hey how are you all

it sometimes right wrote:

Hey guys

Claudia wrote:

Hi conner how are you i bet your at football

Claudia wrote:

Hi conner

Mrs Harper wrote:

Hi Claudia, I am REALLY pleased that you love Beechwood. I do too, that's why I have worked here for so many years. Mrs Harper xx

Claudia wrote:

He thanks for the sticker is in my wardrobe so I keep them

Claudia wrote:

Hi talk to me I am on every day around 15:52 I love talking to people all the time 🤓

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