Aspiration Street

On Friday 28th February children in Years 1 to 3 enjoyed exploring different careers in our visiting Aspiration Street. Children had to work in a team to solve a crime in the police station, become archaeologist digging for dinosaur bones, look after the animals in the vets and they were tasked with building a house in the builders yard.

"I loved the vets because I did teamwork by helping the animals to get better."

"When I grow up I want to be a vet because I liked helping the animals."

"I was a vet!"


"I really want to be a builder because it's fun building and people will be able to live in houses and be happy."

"When I grow up I want to be a builder like today!"


"I liked the explorers part because it made me want to become an explorer when I'm older and discover new things."


"I liked the police office because we found out who stole the money."


"I would like to be a teacher when I grow up so I can help people do their work (like the men leading the day did)"

"I learnt about different jobs."

"I liked everything because there was lots of things I'd never done before and I had a great time." 

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