Beechwood Family Tree

Beechwood Family Tree is a group of parents and carers who aim to raise money towards school funds.  The group was formed in the Summer 2014.

Any parents or carers are more than welcome to join this group to help organising exciting, fundraising events for Beechwood pupils and the local community.

To date,  many different events have taken place and the money raised has been used to brighten up the playground with markings and permanent activity areas.  To date Beechwood Family Tree have raised over £1000 and have already secured 6 gazebos which are used during hot, summer events.  In addition to this, around the school and nursery, there are new fun boards that have been paid for through money raised at these events.  Have a look for boards which include nursery rhymes, colours, spotting items and penalty shoot out.  

We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who has showed their support; pupils, parents and carers, school staff, school governors and local businesses who have donated gift for prizes.

Some of the fundraising events which have been organised by Beechwood Family Tree include:

Cinema nights

Quiz nights

Pupil discos

Celebration party nights.

All of these events have been well attended by pupils across the whole school.

Watch this space for future events.

Next Family Tree meeting - Wednesday 27th September 2017

Place - School Hall

Time - 9:00 till 9:30am

If you would like to help and join Beechwood Family Tree, have a look out for the parents who wear their Beechwood Family Tree Badges or feel free to contact Mrs Hargreaves. 

To make Beechwood Family work for the families, pupils and school, we need volunteers!


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