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In Maths we have been working on multiplication and division. We have now moved on to more formal written methods of multiplication. We will soon be applying our times tables knowledge to fractions.

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One of our main focuses in year three is to become experts on our relevant times tables. This is extremely important, as the children know, as this can support us in a variety of other areas within maths. 

Please practise these at home ensuring your child knows each of the times tables below in order, in a random order and the related division facts.

2 x 5 = 10      so    10 ÷  5 = 2

2x, 10x, 5x, 3x, 4x 6x and 8x.




If you'd like to work on your maths skills at home, please try some of the websites below and play at home!

Please try some of the free access games on the website below and if you like them we can arrange membership for our Year 3 classes.

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