Phonics Day

Phonics Day


A HUGE thank you to all the staff, parents and children who made phonics day a big success. The children had a wonderful time visiting the different classroom for lots of phonics fun and we have recieved great feedback from the children and parents.


Here is what they thought:

"In Miss Moore's class we were being detectives for letters" said Isaac-James

"We was finding sounds and had to draw a picture of what we found" said Nathan

"We were reading words." "It was fun, we got to play musical chairs" said Zachary and Ellis

"This is my favourite. We were playing with swapping cards and we could learn new words and it was cool. I like it" said Ella-Rose

"I liked running around for alien and real words. It was my favourite part" said Alfie-jack.

"It is so different from how we were taught,  you learn something new every day." said Jessica's mum and dad.

"He's been doing that rollercoaster arm at home when reading" said Darren's dad.

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