In Year 6, children get the opportunity to become a Senior Prefect or a Prefect.

To earn a very special Senior Prefect badge children have to have demonstrated superb behaviour across Year 5.

This year our Senior Prefects are:

  • Anais Bennett
  • Jasmine Porter
  • Lara Owen
  • Keira Brown
  • Jakub Holenc
  • Kasturi Kamatad
  • Samantha Olbrych
  • Eve Irving
  • Jamie Stockton
  • Mikolaj Norton
  • Harry Evans
  • Kyra Hunt
  • Jessica Raginia
  • Noah Gregory
  • Tia Tipping
  • Dominika Jaksik
  • Olivia Hearnshaw
  • Izzy Buckley
  • James Ravenscroft

Senior Prefects play a very important role around school helping out with a variety of jobs.

As the year progresses, the Senior Prefects will be joined by Prefects who have had fantastic behaviour and attendance in Year 6.

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