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Meet our Governors

All our governors pride themselves in being associated with Beechwood Primary and know the school well. They are here to focus on the quality of teaching and the progress and achievement of our pupils.

Our governors are in regular contact with the school and are fully involved in our school development plan. This plan gives the school a clear direction which is both challenging and realistic. There are various committees that the governors sit on and that meet regularly so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is happening within the school.

Beechwood Primary sees its governors as critical friends who are fully aware of the school's strengths and development areas.  They are fully informed about the day-to-day running and leadership within the school.

They ensure we follow correct procedures and help make the right decisions about your children's education.

Questions for the Governors at Beechwood from the Future Leaders

1. Why did you choose to be a Governor at Beechwood?

2. When you were at primary school, what was your favourite subject and why?

3. Did you have a favourite teacher at school? Describe them.

4. As well as being a Governor here, what's your job?

5. What is your favourite book or author?

6. If you won a million pounds, what would you spend it on?

7. If you got a super power overnight, what would it be and why?


Yvonne Gandy (Chair of Governors)

1. I was asked to be a Governor at the school and felt very proud to be able to say yes. I am passionate about getting the best for children and staff and wanted to help the school and its community as much as I can.

2. My favourite subject at school was physical education. I loved playing sport and played netball and tennis for the school. I also loved taking on the role of pretending to be the teacher of my class - perhaps that’s why I became a teacher of PE later?

3. My favourite teacher in primary school was Miss Barter, the Headteacher - she always listened, gave lots of praise and gave you lots of opportunities to learn.

4. As well as being a Governor at Beechwood, I work in education and advise schools and their leaders about getting the best for children and their learning and staff and their professional development.

5. I don’t have a favourite author but I do love reading books that make me think, get me to picture myself as the main character and take me to different places where I have not been before.

6. I have 2 boys aged 11 and 14 years so if I won a million pounds I would take them on a fantastic holiday; give some money to charities that mean something to me and my family; give some to my sisters, save some for the boys education and their futures - save some for mine and my partners old age!!!

7. If I developed a super power overnight, I would love to have the power of healing - too many people die or are very ill when there is so much for them to do and to live for.


Jo Stubbs (Vice Chair & Leadership and Management Chair)

1. I wanted to be part of a local school with a strong family and community ethic where children’s individuality is celebrated.

2. When you were at Primary School, I loved drama, dance and music; I always wanted to be an actress/singer dancer as a career.
3. My favourite teacher at school was my Year 6 teacher – he was funny and really took the time to understand when you needed help.
4. As well as being a Governor at Beechwood, I am a Family Service Manager with Cheshire East Family Service.
5. I love all the Harry Potter books, but I also love autobiographies. I have recently read the book Lion which I think is my current favourite book.
6. If I won a million pounds, I would buy my children a house each and go on lots of holidays.
7. If I developed a super power overnight, I would like a superpower of invisibility!!!

Donna Reed (Vice Chair & Learning and Outcomes Chair)

1. I was asked to be a governor at Beechwood when I was supporting Mrs. McGee in the school as a Local Leader in Education. I felt quite honoured to be asked by Mrs.McGee and accepted as I feel very strongly about all children receiving the best education they can.

2. When I was at Primary School, My favourite subject was English where I developed a love of reading. I think it was my favourite subject because I especially loved listening to the stories the teachers told at ‘storytime’ at the end of the day.

3. My favourite teacher at school was Mr Redfern. He taught me in my last class in primary school – he had a terrific sense of humour and was always very kind.

4. I used to be a head teacher and after I retired I helped some other head teachers in Stoke to develop their school. But now I have five grandchildren and I look after them for three days a week – but not all at the same time! I am also a governor at Westminster Nursery School.

5. I have lots and lots of favourite authors as I absolutely love reading and my house is full of books. Among my favourite authors are J.K.Rowling (Harry Potter), Francesca Simon (Horrid Henry) and C.S.Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) + lots of others.

6. If I won a million pounds, I would take all my family to Disneyland in Florida for a terrific holiday and save the rest for my grandchildren’s education and future.

7. If I could develop a superpower, it would be one that could make people accept other people regardless of the colour of their skin or their religion. Too many bad things happen in our world today because some people are intolerant of others and I would love to change their attitudes.


Nichola Shaw (Engagement and Wellbeing Chair)

1. I chose to be a governor at Beechwood because I wanted to be more involved in the school that my children attend in order to ensure that they were getting the best education from the best teachers, staff and also have the best facilities available to them.

2.I’m not sure that I did have any favourite subjects at school; I used to enjoy them all!

3. My favourite primary school teacher was Mr Aldersay. He was kind, funny and very encouraging. He made all lessons interesting. I particularly liked how he used to read stories to the class using funny voices and facial expressions. He made the stories very exciting!

4. As well as being a Governor at Beechwood, I am a childminder, which means when other parents go to work, I get to look after and play with their little ones all day. I love it, but it can be very tiring!

5. I don’t really have a favourite book or author, but I do love to read. I read in bed every night before I go to sleep. I like mystery books and thrillers, something that keeps me thinking about what might happen next!

6. If you won a million pounds, I would firstly go on a very nice long holiday with my family. I would then pay off my mortgage, give some to my Mum and Dad, and probably buy a nice car. My husband would like a boat so I might buy him a remote control one!!!

7. If I developed a super power overnight, it would be the ability to clean and tidy with the click of my fingers. I seem to be forever, brushing, hoovering, mopping, washing, ironing, (actually that’s a lie, I don’t iron if I can help it!) I would have much more time to sit and relax if I didn’t have to clean.



Louise Hargreaves

1. Since coming back to work at Beechwood, I am very passionate to help and assist the pupils and families to achieve and get the best out of themselves. This is the reason why I want to become a governor, so that  I felt I could expand my role further to help all who come into contact with the school.

2. When I was at Primary School, I enjoyed afternoon lessons. These were filled with lessons that now would be called theme.  I liked doing arts and crafts, investigations and exploring different topics.​​​​​​

3. My favourite teacher at school was Mr Newton.  He was my Year 6 teacher.   Why he holds lots of memories for me is because he believed in me.  Whilst being in his class, he saw the potential within me and made me see this within myself. Mr Newton helped to support me with my dyslexia, where other teacher just thought I was slow and could not read or write.  I feel that without his encouragement I would not be who I am today!

4. As well as being a Governor at Beechwood, I am ateaching assistant and work in the Nurture Group called the Cherry Tree.  I help lots of pupils and their families to be successfula nd strive to be the best that they can be.

5. One of my favourite children’s authors is Roald Dahl. I love the characters that his imagination creates.  I also love reading autobiographies as I love being nosey and looking into other people’s lives!

6. Wow, where would I start!  If I won a million pounds, the first thing I would do, would be to look after all of my family and friends and make sure they had all they needed.  I would buy Mr Hargreaves a fast car.  After that I would book a holiday to Disneyland... It has been a dream of mine since being a little girl to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

7. This is a hard one ... If I developed a super power overnight, I think it would have to be linked to helping to keep everyone safe from harm.  I am a very caring person, and don’t like to  think  of people feeling unsafe or being hurt. If I could, I would build a giant bubble to put around  people to help to create a safe place to live and survive.

Beechwood Primary School Governors 2017/2018

Chair of Governing Board: Mrs Yvonne Gandy

Vice-Chairs: Mrs Donna Reed and Mrs Joanne Stubbs

DFE No: 895/2693  Cheshire East LA 
Beechwood Primary & Nursery School, Meredith Street, Crewe CW1 2PH 

Tel: 01270 214490


Office Term Dates

Committee Membership

Subject Link Responsibility

Declaration of Interest

Governor Type

Mrs. Yvonne Gandy





Leadership & Management

Learning & Outcomes

Engagement & Wellbeing

Headteacher PRP Panel #

Appeals Panel

Chairs Committee (CHAIR)

Special Educational Needs

Educational Visits

Business in Leadership & Management Training

Co-opted Governor

Mrs. Donna Reed





Leadership & Management

Learning and Outcomes


Headteacher PRP Panel #

Staff PRP Panel


Core Subjects

‘Diminishing the Difference’ Governor

Governor Training Programme

Vice-Chair of Governors at Westminster Street Nursery

Co-opted Governor

Mrs Joanne Stubbs





Leadership & Management (CHAIR)

Learning & Outcomes

Finance Committee* (CHAIR)

Appeals Panel

Chairs Committee

Creative Curriculum

Safeguarding Governor

Finance Representative

Employed by

Cheshire East Council

Co-opted Governor

Mrs Sara Harper





Leadership & Management

Learning & Outcomes

Engagement & Wellbeing


Finance Committee*


None Declared




Mrs. Louise Hargreaves





Engagement & Wellbeing **

Beechwood Family Tree

Religious Education


Married to Site Maintenance Officer

Staff Governor

Mrs. Nichola Shaw


To 29/10/2017

Engagement & Wellbeing (CHAIR)**


Beechwood Family Tree

Appeals Panel

Creative Curriculum

None Declared

Parent Governor

Dr Andy





Leadership & Management


Core Subjects

Chair of ECaph

LA Governor

Associate Members:


Mrs. Su



Clerk to:

 Learning & Outcomes

Leadership & Mangement

Engagement & Wellbeing

Finance Committee*



Employed by Cheshire East Council

Associate Member (no voting rights)




Current Governor Vacancies: September 2017

1 x Parent Governor

2 x Co-opted Governors






Beechwood Family Tree Community Group includes school parents/carers.

* Finance Committee: Plus in attendance is the Schools Finance Team Budget Officer and the School Bursar

** Premises Group may also include the Site Maintenance Officer and the School Bursar when appropriate.

# Headteacher PRP Review panel: Also in attendance is the school SIP

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