Unauthorised Absence

Term Time Holidays

In light of the High Court ruling on Friday 13th May 2016 regarding the fining and prosecution of parent for taking children on holiday during term time, the interim arrangements are in place:

  • We are presently halting the prosecution process for parents taking unauthorised leave of absence.  However, irregular attendance fines and prosecutions WILL stand and will still be processed. 

  • If parents or carers request a leave of absence, we ask that you follow the normal procedures and complete a written application.  We will look at each one to ascertain whether it is an exceptional circumstance or not.  We will authorise or not accordingly. 

  • The Council is reviewing its practice with regards to the issuing of Penalty Notices for term time holiday absence as a matter of priority and is seeking urgent guidance from the DfE.  The council is taking urgent legal advice on the implications of the ruling.  We will inform you as soon as the school recieves further notification regarding this matter.

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