Future Leaders

This year, I have asked the class teachers to choose one child from each class to represent their peers on the Future Leaders Team. This is  because Future Leaders need a very specific skill set which includes being an effective communicator, having great organizational skills and the confidence to speak in front of large groups.

The Future Leaders will meet every Monday at 2pm

Don't forget to speak to your Future Leaders if you have any ideas on how to improve our school!

For any additional information, please speak to Mrs McDonough.

The children spend time voting on all sorts of manners within the school from, more play equipment outside, better reading corners and books for the kids to read and the introduction for future leader rewards for following the leader characteristics

Our future leaders
Year 6
Ezel — “I am very helpful, so I will help everyone to have a happy time at school”
Parin — “I am a good listener, so I will always be available to you”

Year 5
Bella — “I am very organized, so I will make sure all your issues are discussed at the meetings”
Jessica — “I am very hard-working, so I will listen and takes notes to report back to my class”

Year 4
Alexandra — “I am confident, so I will be resilient and never give up”
Michael — “I am kind, so I will help people when needed”

Year 3
Olivia — “I am organised, so I will help with almost anything”
Francesca- I am helpful, so I will make school a better place”

Year 2
Khaleesi — “I am a good listener, so I will always listen and help”
Colin — “I am always available, so I will listen and help”.




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